Steenpuist is a video we made for Dutch rapper Steen (Steen is the Dutch word for Brick). In The Netherlands Steen is well known for his explicit songs and behaviour on stage. The song Steenpuist (which is the Dutch word for Boil) and the lyrics, like most of his lyrics, contain references to horrible diseases and sexual disorders. We had all artistic freedom in this project, so we let our imagination go wild to make the filthiest, greasiest and nastiest video we ever did. We could make it very disturbing, but with references to popular culture, over the top humour and animation, we tried to keep it interesting to a larger public. When the video was released, it became sort of a viral on Internet, and unfortunately in the end it got banned.

Camera by Shaun Leyden
Edit by Joost Penninx
Visual Effects by Rob Klunder
2D Animation by Maarten Berkers